Psycho music for mature students



"Prodigious. Like a Golden shower from the Gods" THE GUARDIAN ★★★★★

"As unimportant as Ted Cruz' drug use" THE DAILY MAIL ★★★★

"Was this written by Muppets? Seriously?" DAVID CAMERON ★

"Those boys have just done so well, haven't they" MOM ★★★

"Not bad!" PITCHFORK ★★★ "Forgettable" THE INDEPENDENT ★★

"The most amazing piece of Rock Revelry we have heard since Mr Love & Justice" NME ★★★★★★★★



02/03/2016 // Despite being in three different countries, your Girls still manage to get things done. One wet and miserable weekend in January saw us shooting a video for an upcoming release. Shows are being booked for 2016. Tour dates are in nascent gestation for 2017 tours. Lots and lots of details to follow

Who r We? we r indepandInt

   Vocals, Guitar / Jeremy Williams
   Bass / Adrian Martineau
   Drums, Flute / Chris Wilcox


11/06/16, Bang Bang Festival, Brussels, BE


20/01/13 - Kinky Star, Gent, BE

19/01/13 - De Kliene Hedonist, Antwerp, BE

18/01/13 - Salle RTT, Brussels, BE


25/08/12 - The Knockerbox, Berlin, DE

02/08/12 - The Bull & Gate, London, UK

15/06/12 - The Wilmington Arms, London, UK

25/04/12 - Dickens, Calgary, CA

26/04/12 - Elite After 6, Penticton, CA





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